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Solar Blog – On the Light Side

  • Vivant Solar stock price has dropped like a stone since the offering. SolarCity is not doing much better these days. Maybe the music has finally stopped.  A lot of people have been saying it for a while. I have .  Does this sound familiar? Giving people something they can’t afford for free, and then packing it together and selling it to investment funds? Smells like 2007…. What
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  • Part 2 The Hard Sell of Free Solar Everyone is getting phone calls, seeing mailer, seeing TV spot promoting FREE SOLAR. But is this solar really free? Are these solar companies offering the best deal for the homeowner? Companies like Solarcity are leading the way. When SolarCity released its second-quarter numbers, it expected to install between 70 MW and 77 MW during the third quarter
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  • One could accuse George Clooney of “piling on”  recently when he made public his irritation at Elon Musk’s car company Tesla and how getting stuck by the side of the road one too many times caused him to dump his $100,000 car on a benefit auction. We got a copy of the Auction Item description. Elon Musk was already having a bad week, loosing about $1.5
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  • Why ? Because according to the UN report to be released next week, Solar panels are the only thing that can. New PV systems already use low light and employ east or west facing arrays, with amazing contrasts between their multi-crystal, though silicon-based cells The IPCC report next week will announce, “The technical potential for solar is the largest [of the renewable energy sources] by
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  • ‘Free’ Solar programs are not just a US phenomena. They are offered in England too. There they also are called “rent a roof” programs. They are also called “schemes.” So is Free Solar a scheme? What’s a FREE SOLAR scheme? ‘Free’ solar lease programs  are offered by financing  companies eager to cash in on all the government subsides available for solar.  Their business model is
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  • Research shows that in most cases, savings are much greater to the homeowner if the solar electric system is purchased rather than leased. Things  moves quickly in the solar biz. SolarCity and Sunrun for the last several years have dominated the market while crowd funding was relegate to a fraction of the market.  Nobody saw it as scale-able. But  here it is,   affordable, accessible financing
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  • ITC to End According to the US Department of Energy (DoE) and be replaced by PTC production tax credit. The ITC will be terminated at the end of 2016 and replaced with a production tax credit, PTC, which is based on electricity generated after the system is built. This change will  send shock waves through the solar industry. With the elimination of the ITC there
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  • Solar Power to the People: The Rise of Rooftop Solar Among the Middle Class. Actually it was the Middle Class who started the revolution. They always do. “Let the ruling classes tremble ……… The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Working men of all countries, unite!” ― Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto Middle class has come up big in
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  • Delusion and Illusion. On Sunday Chris Wallace and George Will and the Fox Sunday Panel concurred that the brutal winter in the eastern part of the US had thrown cold water on the global warming argument. What was amusing was that the panel congratulated themselves on seeing through the global warming farce, claiming that it was obvious, George Will even claimed that science was on their
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  • Solar prices have dropped in the US by 75% over the last 5 years Swanson’s Law is an observation that the price of solar photovoltaic modules tends to drop 20% for every doubling of cumulative shipped volume.[1][2][3] This was misstated by The Economist in [1] and,[2]which said that photovoltaic cell costs drop 20% for every doubling of industry capacity. Effectively, costs half about every 3 years. The Law is named after Richard Swanson, the founder of SunPower
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  •  The news show 60 Minutes fell further from the pantheon of respected journalism with their recent story  targeting of the Greentech Industry. They broadcast a  segment claiming  massive failures amid the new “Cleantech Industry” when in fact what they  reported on was the high failure rate of Venture Capitalists. Which begs the question;  in  attacking Venture Capitalism , isn’t 60 Minutes Really Badmouthing America? We, at
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  • FREE SOLAR “The Government is giving away FREE SOLAR.” IF FREE SOLAR IS A NO BRAINER, WELL THEN  USE YOUR HEAD! Free Solar is the new solar pitch which makes the SOLAR REVOLUTION and one visit close possible.  In the ad,  “LOOKING FOR 50 HOMEOWNERS” – language is  being used to mislead consumers into believing that the government is paying for everything, and that they
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