Global Warming Fools Fox News Sunday and so does a Magician

Delusion and IllusionOn Sunday Chris Wallace and George Will and the Fox Sunday Panel concurred that the brutal winter in the eastern part of the US had thrown cold water on the global warming argument. What was amusing was that the panel congratulated themselves on seeing through the global warming farce, claiming that it was obvious, George Will even claimed that science was on their side. And then as if to make a point about their deductive skills – they sat mesmerized by televised slight of hand of an illusionist. 

jet stream wobble

The overall statement of the two combined segments  was: ” We won’t be conned by some myth about the world’s climate becoming dangerously imbalanced, potentially leading to global catastrophe, caused by human action. Come on, it’s really cold outside. (pause) Hey, look at the guy bending pencils right in front of me, now that’s amazing!”  

Here is are some of the dialogue batted around on the Sunday show. First- on winter’s slight of hand. 

WALLACE “the president’s case may seem a bit hard to make when the eastern half of the country is in the grips of a brutal winter.”

(Kimberly Strassel muses how desperate liberals changed the term from global warming to climate change, though anyone with access to the internet knows Republican strategist and wordsmith Frank Lutz  first recommended the term climate change be used by George Bush in 2002 because it sounded less threatening.) 

KIMBERLY STRASSEL, WALL STREET JOURNAL COLUMNIST: It became climate change when you couldn’t prove that there was much global warming anymore, you know. As the temperatures didn’t change.

KIRSTEN POWERS, USA TODAY COLUMNIST: … it has become very much an article of faith on the left that this is perhaps the biggest threat that the world faces.…… climate change is the cause of every single thing that happens with the weather.

WALLACE: The president say[s] climate change accounts for everything from drought to floods. George? Do you buy it?

GEORGE WILL: No. And neither does science!

(Powers then claims that it is not climate change that is the cause for most disasters. Like the drought in California – it is actually the government.)

KIRSTEN POWERS: And this is a government exacerbated drought as it were. Because there is water there. There is plenty of water there.

Wallace points out that a Wall Street Journal survey put climate change dead last on people’s list of concerns. 

George Will pointed out that no one is going to get all countries to sit down at a table and agree to a plan anyway.

GEORGE WILL: The climate conferences are a movable feast with a huge carbon footprint, by the way. As they all fly around to talk to one another. Next, they’ll go, I guess, to Paris where they’ll get 190 nations around the table. The table will be approximately the size of Belgium, I suppose …


Besides, Chris added, that the US is too small a country to have an impact.The US is tiny. 

WALLACE: …. Because whatever the U.S. does, you’ve got these booming polluting economies in China, in India, and Indonesia. And the U.S. is just a fraction — four or five percent of the world’s population.

(Here’s a chart that Chris Wallace would find “amazing.”  How is that it possible that the  tiny U.S. can contribute over 25% to World Carbon Emissions . Chris just think of it as you would a magic trick.)

emmisioncount2Then the panel got down to the really important point. George Will concluded that reducing carbon in the atmosphere was simply not worth interrupting the really important work of creating wealth. 

George Will: “How much wealth are we going to forego creating in order to have zero or discernible effect on the environment?”


George Will reasons that wealth is important because it is immediate, tangible (and though only realized by few,) the need for wealth is clearly established – where as the future of the planet is off in the future, it is intangible, (and though the consequences will be realized by all,)  the future of the earth and its environment, as of now, is not clear and therefore not important. 

Everyone was amused. Having trivialized and dispensed with Global Warming as  The Left’s pet obsession, the panel turned to another form of entertainment. It proved to be the perfect follow up piece of illusionistic theater.  Chris Wallace   introduced a “mentalist” to entertain the panel.  The performer  was Gerard Senehi.  Chris Wallace explains that he was so impressed  by Gerard’s skills a few weeks prior that he had to have him on the Sunday News Show.

WALLACE:  ….a few weeks ago I met Girard Senehi at a party. And I think you will be as intrigued by him as I was. Girard is a mentalist and he makes things happen that I can’t explain.

On queue, George Will and Chris Wallace, who eschew scientific data and research,  who ignore the most respected scientific minds and organizations in the world – ( even the Pentagon is reporting on the progress of global warming and its ramifications,) who laugh about the President’s assertions that the debate on  climate change is over  – are then “wowed” by magic tricks. Gerard’s appearance on the show, his slight of hand entertainment following the irrational and unscientific discussion on climate change that immediately proceeded it, illustrated perfectly the mindset and people who have handcuffed our political process from moving against the catastrophic  effects of our continued polluting of  the planet. The message from the Fox Panel on climate change and illusion was exactly that:  We can be fooled 24/7, and in fact we prefer it. 

 Gerard Senehi


Chris Wallace concludes:

WALLACE: Mind blowing. That is really — And you didn’t talk beforehand?


WALLACE: Are you amazed?

WILL: I’m amazed.

WALLACE: I am amazed, too. And George Will is a very skeptical person.

 CHRIS WALLACE: He makes things happen that I can’t explain.

POWERTWO: Yes Chris.  Just like the weather.

For an unamusing video where real scientists  explain in easy to understand terms what is going with the winter weather -go to Climate State.

 polar vortex video


The panel’s discussion of Global Warming was exactly the same in tone  as their  interaction with Gerard Senehi.  They were less cynical toward Gerard, but their  intellectual rigor was the same. 

 Gerard Senehi is actually a very interesting man. He is a  talented and respected “mentalist” performer. He does not like to call himself a magician.  He is also the founder of Open Future Institute, whose mission is to advance the understanding of cultural evolution and empower philanthropists, activists and leaders with the tools and training needed to catalyze cultural evolution and address global challenges at their deepest source.  It would have been interesting to hear his perspective on Global Warming.

 SENAHI CONCLUDES: Well, you see the ideas are very powerful things…… I like to get people to question and suspend their ideas.



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  1. Could you really see him bring the pencil up from under the table? that is kinda hilarious if that’s what happened. I can’t believe that they would have a magician on a news show- or should I say so-called news show.

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