If you have solar  – it is generally assumed that you are”green.” Solar panels are a big billboard on your roof  saying” I AM GREEN. “Even if you went solar just to save money and don’t care about the environment at all – still you’ve done something that is a major benefit to the environment.  you’ve been typecast. So why not keep going with it?

There is  a lot more we can do that we haven’t really thought about or maybe really cared about doing.  Interestingly most of these things are  simultaneously either good for us healthwise,  or are going to save us money.  Some of them do all 3.  Its called Enlightened Self-Interest.

1.Good for you.  2.Good for the planet .3. Good for your wallet.

It’s what is called The Green Trifecta, or The Green Triangle.

To get started here is a list of 10 simple things (many I be t you never thought of) you can do ( or not do) to be more green – .

10GREEN Things you can do in your home 

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