Bringing Solar Power and People Together

PowerTWO is  a blog  for Solar People,  a forum for solar owners, and enthusiasts. We advocate for the widespread adoption of solar,  and great transparency in the marketing of solar. We offering a place to share ideas, news, and information – PowerTWO  –  it stands for Solar power and  People power.

The goal of the site is to support,  inform and empower the individual through information and community: to present news and  information on the benefits of solar in a clear, honest, and responsible manner. We encourage everyone who has solar to share their experience with solar and help others by telling their story.

PowerTWO is a social enterprise, partnering with organizations, and NGOs whose mission it is to spread the benefits of solar domestically and abroad. Check out our current projects.

Solar Industry Overview

There’s a power shift going on in the solar industry. Once dominated  by locally based installers, the majority of the solar installations are controlled by a handful of  nationwide companies and banking entities that supply the financing for solar electric leasing and PPA programs. These companies are helping to spread the acceptance of solar and are enabling many individuals to gain the benefits who otherwise would not be financially able. Solar is booming and this is a good thing.

Like any new technological field, there are winners and losers. The huge growth potential in solar has attracted  in a great deal of competition . The  multitude of choices available to the consumer and the aggressive marketing strategies used has resulted in a challenging decision making process . The goal of the site is to help clarify this process. Competition has also resulted in a lot of consolidation within the industry. The result is that many individuals who purchased, or leased solar electric systems are without a company, resources or information. The individual solar user, and those interested in solar are being subjected to increasing marketing hype and a sometimes  confusing array of options.

Solar power by its very nature is democratic.

Solar Energy offers the individual the power  to take control of their energy future. To secure this “democratization” of sustainable energy – we must, as individuals, stay informed and vigilant. We believe it is important is to keep the decision making process and the power, in the hands of the individual.  Through community, mutual support, the sharing of information, we can succeed in making energy truly sustainable and available for everyone.


Power X People = Sustainable Energy

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