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Solar may constitute less than 1% of world energy production, but the  industry is growing at an exponential rate.

Like any new industry,  solar  has taken on the characteristics of the Wild Wild West.  And in the last couple of years the industry  has come to resemble The Gold Rush. Companies are trampling over each other and often their customers in pursuit of the mother load of market share. The industry is being taken over to corporations whose  shareholders who are not so interested in the greening of american but rather the greening of the linings of their own individual pockets.  Certainly this is the a American way, and for those who argue that solar is nothing but a government subsidy dependent scam, the economics and these companies are proving them wrong.

Solar represents  a democratic ideal in that it gives  power to the  individual.  Solar  also  promotes world awareness in that it utilizes the sun, whose light reaches every part of the earth. We wish to encourage environmental awareness and will continue to  post information on climate change.

I built this blog with the help of some of my solar friends to help to bring greater transparency to the industry. Ultimately I want this to be a site where people come to be informed,  to  interact with others in  the community and hopefully a bit entertained. There are many of us in the industry who believe in the promise and the power of sustainable energy.

As part of our mission I  wanted PowerTWO to work  with organizations who are  really spreading the benefits of solar. PowerTWO is a Social Enterprise

The Blog is  a work in progress. But please let us know what you think. Let us know what suggestion you have to make the site more useful to you.


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