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  2. Yes the tendency is to think of solar as a rich person’s pursuit. like the Testla is the plaything of the wealthy. but I guess not – I believe it is the middle class that initiates all revolutions.

  3. Could you really see him bring the pencil up from under the table? that is kinda hilarious if that’s what happened. I can’t believe that they would have a magician on a news show- or should I say so-called news show.

  4. there may be a great deal of new financing coming into the market- as investors become more secure about the technology. this could fill the void left by the government- loss of the 30% tax credit.tho financing is no replacement for a 30% discount. not sure it there is another 30% that can be removed from the cost of solar

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  8. that’s a huge differentail in outlay. I dont think people are thinking of these leases as replacing electrical use. I think they are thinking of them as either a way to lower their electric bill (for free) and/or a way of being green with no out of pocket cost.

  9. Thanks for the detailed info on “Free Solar”. Invaluable!

  10. Thanks for the link to the Clean Energy Collective. Do you have any idea whether that website is still up to date? It went online in July of 2012.

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