Solar Procrastinator’s Survey

In spite of the long list of positives, there are those who still find it hard to take the solar plunge. So, for those of you who struggle with making a decision of any sort on most anything – here is a list of questions to ask yourself to help put your thinking on solar in perspective.

What you want is clarity.

Take this survey:

  1. Is my house a good candidate for solar?  _____
  2. Do I believe my utility bills will continue to go up over the next 20 years? _____
  3. Do I trust the accuracy of the projected 20 year savings if I go solar?  ______
  4. Do I like the idea of reducing or eliminating my dependence on my utility?­­­­ _____
  5. Do I like the idea of running my home off the power of the sun? _____
  6. Do I like the idea of the government subsidizing most of my conversion costs to solar? ___
  7. Do I like saving money? _____
  8. Do I like helping the planet? ______
  9. Do I like small children? ______
  10. Do I think that solar is “cool” ? _______

Now, this may seem like a push survey. But if you answered yes to every question (except maybe # 3) – its clear you should go solar.  If you answered NO to number # 3 – then do your DD and check the math. There are a great many variables when predicting future returns.  See our list of things to watch out for when studying a proposal. But if you do get good sun, and there are  incentives available in your state, you should get a great return.

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