Solar People – Information for People Who have Solar

This is stage 3. Having Solar 

You could have a bumper stick which reads

I Belong to the 1%- Who has Solar!

This is the Solar People Section of the website.

Whether you own solar, lease, or have a PPA, you are solar people and part of a small but an ever increasing demographic. Some predict that in 2040 you will be part of the  60% crowd. We shall see. In the meanwhile you are still technically an early adopter, a vanguard, a pioneer, first over the hill, the tip of the sword. We are creating a data base and a service that we hope will  keep you informed on the benefits, on your rights and what recourse you have if everything does not go according to plan. We also cover  what is happening in the industry and what else you can do to be green and/cut your energy costs.


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Green House –  things you can do to be green and save energy in your house

( topics soon to come on line)

What is the latest on SRECs?

 You should be at the stage where you  are watching you electric bill diminish and your savings accrue and you are feeling very smart and good about yourself. If this is not the case – we need to find out why.


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